Floating Dip Tube Filter Attachment

Floating Dip Tube Filter Attachment

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This handy little filter attachment can be used with the Torpedo Keg BuoyKegmenter Floating Dip Tube, or FermZilla Pressure Kit to keep hop material from being sucked into the silicone dip tube. This upgrade accessory is especially helpful if you like to dry hop directly in your keg while serving, or if you want to pull clean samples from your FermZilla or Kegmenter during fermentation when there's still a lot of biomatter in solution.

Simply remove the metal tube from the ball float, slip the silicone tubing over the barb, then reattach the ball float to one of three clip locations.

Made from HDPE and 304 stainless steel, the filter can be boiled or sanitized with the full range of cleaners that we sell. The plastic HDPE is over molded onto the stainless mesh to make a seamless finish. The end cap can easily pop off for cleaning.

Kegland Part Number: KL16957


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Anything I can do to help avoid dry hopping debris
Chris Dornbach on Apr 21, 2021
Clear the final product
David A on Apr 15, 2021
Anything I can do to help avoid dry hopping debris
Chris Dornbach on Apr 21, 2021
Because my pressure kit didn't include it.
James E on Apr 20, 2021
Clear the final product
David A on Apr 15, 2021
Forgot to include in previous order
Jason B on Apr 12, 2021
Keep the beer looking clear
Benjamin Miller on Apr 9, 2021
Thought might work well
DAN J E on Mar 23, 2021
To go with the floating diptube
Robert P on Mar 19, 2021
To help serve clearer beer
Stephen H on Mar 14, 2021
Desire to pour the cleanest, clearest beer possible
Martin S on Mar 12, 2021
hop filtering in fermenter and keg...also better diptube placement using these
Sean h on Mar 12, 2021
I am planning to ferment in corny kegs and want to dryhop
Scott J on Mar 11, 2021
Pressure fermentation and easy fining
Evan A B on Mar 10, 2021
I need to filter the trub out.
Chris G on Mar 6, 2021
works great for corny kegs and heavily dry hopped beers
Eric Schroeder on Mar 4, 2021
fermenting in kegs, want to filter beer better
Matthew S on Mar 2, 2021
to get clear wort from my fermentation keg.
Valued C on Feb 27, 2021
Elmer C on Feb 25, 2021
Because they help aid floating dip tubes to give that extra one last chance to filter out any possible matter before hitting the glass.
Michael M on Feb 22, 2021
Clean transfer
Valued C on Feb 19, 2021
Filter beer when drawing from keg
STEVEN J MASTERSON J on Feb 18, 2021
Have had problems with hops stopping up the out line.
Carl Brevelle on Feb 15, 2021
serving from fermenter keg
Jacob H on Feb 15, 2021
Ferment and serve from same keg
Ryan M on Feb 4, 2021
make citrus and farm wines, need to filter out the pulp
scott b on Feb 3, 2021
Wanted to improve my pours by filtering hop any hop debris out of my keg by attaching it to my floating dip tube.
Rodolfo C on Feb 2, 2021
For cleaner transfers/servings
Trinidad G on Jan 29, 2021
Filter dry hops while pressure transferring from Fermzilla
Mark Jensen on Jan 27, 2021
avoid trub / or sediment pickup
Greg Harrowsmith on Jan 27, 2021
should help keep any muck out as I reach bottom of keg
Brian Hoey on Jan 25, 2021
great product
Cameron J C on Jan 20, 2021
Trying to reduce trub in my beer
Wayne M on Jan 20, 2021
Clogging dip tube in my Fermzilla
Matthew R on Jan 19, 2021
To aid in filtering out going beer.
Adam D on Jan 12, 2021
Filter my beer
Aaron D on Jan 8, 2021
I make mead with cloves and other spices.
Michael C on Jan 8, 2021
Transfer clear beer.
Donald M on Jan 5, 2021
Goes with my conical 55L fermentor
Brandon M on Dec 28, 2020
Referred by friend
Brian L on Dec 22, 2020
Clear beer
Michael W on Dec 21, 2020
I dry hop heavily and don't want matter in my keg.
Jon F on Dec 19, 2020
To filter out large debris from both the fermenter and keg
Mike B on Dec 17, 2020
I saw it in a search and it looked like a good idea
Eric B on Dec 16, 2020
Gift Request
Steve L on Dec 13, 2020
Hoppy beers
Bob T on Dec 13, 2020
for 5 gallon cold brew coffee in Cornelius keg.
David B on Dec 12, 2020
for making my hop randall
Randy S Akam on Dec 12, 2020
to help clogging with dry hopped IPAs dispensing from corny keg
Eric Schroeder on Dec 8, 2020
To filter beer, and to get a better angle by attaching a weight so the tube is always beneath the bobber.
Mike Hawkins on Dec 7, 2020
Clearer beer
Matthew C on Dec 5, 2020
so i can serve from it
James G on Nov 30, 2020
Because my pressure kit didn't include it.
James E on Apr 20, 2021
Forgot to include in previous order
Jason B on Apr 12, 2021

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Rated 4 out of 5
No more yeast or hops in my kegs!
I've transferred from Fermentasaurus to keg 6 or 7 times now and have had zero major issues!

My only complaint is that it's maybe a bit too lightweight - it sometimes pops above the surface and sucks in CO2, resulting in a fair bit of foam in the keg if you're not paying attention. I fixed this by placing a small stainless socket inside and have had zero issues since.
April 21, 2021
4 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
works great
wish I started with one of these on my floating dip tubes....
April 7, 2021
5 months ago