Sanitizing Agents

MoreBeer! offers several sanitizing agents to cover all of your winemaking sanitization needs. 

Star San & SaniClean

These next generation sanitizers from Five Star are based on acid anionics. This means when used at their recommended concentration rates, they work quickly and are both odorless and tasteless
  • Star San is made to foam up, so it’s best suited for use in tanks and other non-motorized equipment.
  • Sani clean is a low foaming sanitizer, so it’s ideal for use in pumps, filters, CIP cleaning etc.

Aplpet D2 Surface Sanitizer

This surface sanitizer both acts quickly and continues to work even after it dries. It contains QUAT which is a residual bacteria killing agent. It’s ideal for use when handling yeast, bacteria and any other winemaking additions. 

IO Star Iodine Sanitizer

IO Star is a traditional, iodine-based sanitizer. Since its iodine based it can potentially stain vinyl tubing and plastic parts over time.