Oak Chips, Cubes & Barrels

Commonly used in winemaking for a long time, oak is becoming an increasingly popular addition to homebrewed beer. Oak chips, cubes and barrels available at MoreBeer! can give your beer different flavors from vanilla to whiskey, depending on the type of oak used. Oak chips will deliver oak flavor to your beer very quickly. Oak cubes have less surface area than wood chips, so the oak flavor is delivered a little more slowly. Cubes are much easier to separate from your beer than chips.  Oak barrels provide the most surface area and can end up giving the home brewer the most re-use. Add oak directly to your beer, make an oak tea first, or infuse the oak in an alcohol. There are several useful ways to employ oak in your beer-making, and MoreBeer! enables you to get started on the way to trying them all.  
If you are interested in learning more about the different types of oak, including the characteristics of various toast levels, please see our comprehensive Oak Information Manual.