What is a fermenter?

A fermenter is essentially any vessel you use to ferment yeast & bacteria in. Fermenters are made of several different materials such as stainless steel, plastic & glass. They also come in many shapes & sizes depending on your fermentation needs. The primary function of a fermentation vessel is to offer a sealed & clean environment for your fermentation. Most fermenters are designed to allow gas produced during fermentation to escape from the top of the vessel. Some also have ports to drain and take samples from during fermention.


What Fermenter is right for me?

The answer depends on what you’re planning to ferment. We have a large selection of both beer and wine fermenters ranging anywhere from 5 to over 3500 gallons. We also have smaller fermenters perfect for food fermentations.  What you are fermenting inside of the fermenter generally dictates the size of the vessel. For instance most homebrewers typically brew & ferment five gallon batches. They are generally filling their fermenters once a month. Whereas typically most winemakers harvesting their own grapes are fermenting anywhere from 20-50 gallons a harvest. Food & beverage fermentations such as sourdough starters, fermented vegetables or Kombucha tend to be smaller fermentation vessels in the 1-3 gallon range. Click on any of the buttons below to see are complete selection of purpose built fermenters.