What is a brewer?

A brewer is technically anyone who makes beer! A commercial brewer is someone who does it for a living and homebrewer is someone who does it as a hobby. Both can have tremendous amounts of  brewing knowledge and experience. It's passion for making beer and constantly wanting to learn more about brewing that turns a beginning brewer into a skilled one.

Interested in becoming a brewer?

Most professional brewers start with homebrewing. This allows you to learn brewing basics and understand brewing processes. There are also brewing programs at many colleges and other specialized training schools. Either way spending time learning brewing science in a classroom or at home is a key to becoming a better brewer. One of the easiest ways to get production brewing experience is to ask a local brewery to intern. Most breweries always have a lot of extra work and welcome the help. Joining a homebrew club is another great way to learn more and connect with other brewers. The AHA (American Homebrewers Association) maintains a list of homebrew clubs across the United States.

Start Brewing today!

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