Speidel Plastic Fermenter - 30L / 7.9 gal.

Speidel Plastic Fermenter - 30L / 7.9 gal.

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The future is here today, and the future is HDPE Fermentation & Storage Tanks from Speidel.

Are you tired of carboys? Hate siphoning to transfer? Wish you could ferment larger batches in a single container? Sick of lifting 50lbs by a small metal handle? Done with worrying about shattered glass, injury and lost product? Well then have we got the solution for you!

These heavy duty plastic tanks offer a fantastic fermentation & storage solution at a great price.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty HDPE construction is durable and resists oxygen transfer. None of the risks of working with glass.
  • Small footprint makes them easy to store - take better advantage of the space you have to dedicate to wine & beer making.
  • Built-in handles make these tanks easy to move, even when full.
  • Large lid opening makes them easy to clean by hand - say goodbye to your carboy brush!
  • All ports seal with gaskets and the vessel can be fully sealed for long-term storage.
  • Includes a spigot and oversized 2-piece Speidel airlock.
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany by Speidel, the makers of our legendary commercial wine tanks

Suggested Applications:

  • 12L: Perfect for storing small lots, making experimental batches and taking some of your beer or wine along with you to your next party.
  • 20L: Ideal for secondary fermentation and storage of 5 gallon batches.
  • 30L: The vessel for fermenting wine kits and 5 gallon batches of beer with plenty of headspace and no need for a blowoff tube.
  • 60L: Perfect for fermenting larger batches of wine or 10 gallon batches of beer in a single container! Only 4" larger in diameter than a 6.5 gallon carboy!
  • 120L: Ferment & Store large batches of anything - your creativity is the only limit!

Approximate Dimensions: 13.5in Diameter x 18.5in Height (w/out airlock in place). Note - The maximum temperature that these plastic fermenters can handle is 140F.

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recommendation by another
Jim L B on Aug 4, 2020
Gonna try a kombucha continuous brew
Valued C on Jul 28, 2020
recommendation by another
Jim L B on Aug 4, 2020
Due to several positive reviews
Steve E on Jul 31, 2020
Gonna try a kombucha continuous brew
Valued C on Jul 28, 2020
I own one and they are fantastic. Getting another to have 2 beers fermenting
Nicholas N on Jul 22, 2020
Recommendation from fellow home brewer.
Nathaniel H on Jul 22, 2020
Youtube Recommendations - and tired of my 6 gal fermenters exploding with beer on fermentation.
Nicholas G on Jul 20, 2020
Good quality for cost, easy to use
Lee B on Jul 16, 2020
This is basically the best high end plastic fermenter before moving to conicals, kegs, or stainless steel fermenters.
Dario I S on Jul 13, 2020
better than a bucket
Brandon W on Jun 24, 2020
Replacing my glass carboys.
Tim D on Jun 23, 2020
Father's Day gift that my husband requested
Liz S on Jun 16, 2020
Looking for a fermentation vessel that's easy to dry hop in
Jesse H on Jun 12, 2020
Superb quality. Easy to use!
Guillermo P on Jun 3, 2020
I've heard great reviews and needed a new fermenter.
Wendy N on May 22, 2020
Not glass that can break
Daniel S on May 20, 2020
great reviews
Daryl L. B on May 16, 2020
I liked some of the features and wanted to give it a try. My original carboy is a dozen years old and is starting to deteriorate.
Walter D on May 15, 2020
Perfect size for 5 gal batches of beer with plenty of headspace.
Vitaliy T on May 15, 2020
Feedback from other users is very good.
Geoffrey G on May 7, 2020
I’ve broken multiple glass fermenters and thought I would give his a try based on reviews.
william h on Apr 24, 2020
Useful fermenter with very good reviews
Jim P on Apr 23, 2020
To make mead. Easier bottling.
Susanne F on Apr 12, 2020
easy cleaning
Matthew George on Apr 4, 2020
for 5 gallon batches of mead
David K on Mar 21, 2020
Raymond Moreno J on Mar 16, 2020
Great reviews and durable
Chris v on Mar 12, 2020
Better than big mouth bubbler
Adam F on Mar 5, 2020
Reviews and history
Kevin P on Mar 3, 2020
r/mead told me to
Eric John S on Mar 2, 2020
Because it sits lower and has handles.
Kenneth S on Mar 1, 2020
ease of cleaning
lizbeth c on Feb 28, 2020
Good starter fermenter
Ian Edward S on Feb 27, 2020
To ferment beer in.
Richard C on Feb 26, 2020
Upgrading from glass to wide mouth plastic, ported for dry hopping, sampling, safer, easier to clean
Kevin U on Feb 17, 2020
I am over fermenting beer in glass carboys
Ryan S on Feb 17, 2020
very good reviews
chuck c on Feb 17, 2020
Right size and price
James R on Feb 8, 2020
To brew larger batches without needing to go to two fermenters. I bottle so I'm not restricted to 5 gallon kegs.
Lawrence B on Feb 4, 2020
I have two 12L ones. I love them
Steve on Feb 3, 2020
Positive reviews; seems like the perfect combination of convenience and effectiveness.
Richard Boyle I on Jan 23, 2020
Wine and cider
Kevin S on Jan 21, 2020
Michael O on Jan 20, 2020
i have one, and it's so good i wanted two
Jeremy Flowers on Jan 14, 2020
Price, features, reviews
Thomas Gariety on Jan 11, 2020
good reviews and need a new fermenter
Dean Richards on Jan 10, 2020
I have one already and it's the best fermenter that I have found for the price.
Tim H on Dec 30, 2019
Wanted another fermenter. Many people recommended this one
Sayge A on Dec 23, 2019
I need another fermenter to brew more beers. ;)
Jaime L on Dec 23, 2019
Christmas gift
Elizabeth W on Dec 21, 2019
Brother-in-law's Christmas present
Michael U on Dec 21, 2019
Due to several positive reviews
Steve E on Jul 31, 2020
I own one and they are fantastic. Getting another to have 2 beers fermenting
Nicholas N on Jul 22, 2020
What's the height with the airlock in place?
THOMAS MADDEN on Jan 23, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Thomas - The height with the airlock would be 21.25".
Does this unit include a threaded cap that will screw into the opening where the bung and airlock are inserted? I want to make sure I can completely seal fermenter if necessary in order to cold crash.
Douglas F on Feb 10, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this fermenter will include one locking cap to seal the hole in the lid and/or spigot area.
What is the maximum liquid capacity when filled to the top?
Brett Demers on Jan 18, 2020
Does this effectively filter out light? I'm wondering if this could be stored in a basement where there is a fair amount of ambient light. If not, is there a suggested light-proof cover for it?
Christopher Caselas on Jul 8, 2019
BEST ANSWER: No. It will reduce some light but not enough. When I need to protect my fermenter from light I use the box it came in. Open the box at both ends. Tape one end of the boxes tops open together so the box will stand taller to leave enough height for the air lock to operate freely after the box is placed over the fermenter. the top end can be left open or closed depending on the angle of the light source. The loose flaps on the upper end of the box can always be pulled back whenever you want to have a peek at the air lock. Won't cost you anything but some tape. Cheers.
Should I choose the 5.3 or the 7.9 for secondary fermentation of a 6 gallon bucket of juice. What would provide the proper headspace?
Louis Volpintesta Jr on Apr 27, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Fermentation is very low in secondary so headspace wouldn’t be much of a concern. That said, I would still go with the 7.9 in case you ever want to do primary in it. I have 5 of these and I live them.
Is the 13.5 inch diameter measured from the bottom of the fermenter or the widest part in the center?
Michelangelo Alcantar on Sep 7, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hello Michelangelo - 13.5" is a rough widest diameter. However when taking the bulkhead and valve into consideration, ~14.5" is a better number to go by.
Can (or should) you use PBW to clean this? Also- is there a manual available for this? I have searched the Speidel Website but cannot locate one.
Nathaniel Reynolds on Dec 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi Nathaniel - Yes PBW can be used to clean this fermenter but we would recommend to never use an abrasive scrub pad like the back of a sponge, brillow, etc. as it would scratch the surface and allow nooks/crannies to develop and harbor bacteria. As for containing the manual - it doesn't seem to, but you could search YouTube for "Speidel Plastic Fermenter - 30L / 7.9 gal" to get an idea of how to use one.
If I suspect infestation due to scratch(es) on the inside of the fermenter (2 batches in a row with good fermentation that have similar off-flavor profiles, and wasted time/beer), is there any way to salvage this? Currently plan on checking by fermenting in a bucket to isolate the fermenter as the causative variable.
Jason Smith on May 3, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The way to save this fermenter would be to add boiling water directly into the fermenter and let that soak. The plastic will withstand the hot temperature and warm up to pasteurize it. Using another fermenter and eliminating this variable is a great idea to double check in the meantime.
Will this fit in the Cool Brewing Fermentation cooler Bag (with airlock)?
Stephen Tipton on Feb 1, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Absolutely. I did cut the ends off a small box and put it around the airlock so the cover of the cooler bag would not hold down the airlock. Would probably have worked fine without but what the heck!......
What is the width (diameter) with the spigot in place? I would like to store this in a 14" diameter stock pot. Could someone please place it on a counter with the spigot against the wall and measure?
DGGOLD on May 17, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Daniel - The width with the spigot in place is 14.5".
What size (diameter) transfer hose do you use to rack?
scott hoppel on Jan 11, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Scott. I purchased the upgraded port and you should too. The one that comes with these is pretty crummy. I use the 3/8 tubing. Just be sure to purchase the Butterfly Hose Clamp - 1/2 in. to clamp it on snugly, and be sure that the end that goes onto the spigot is dry so it wont slip any. I didn't at first and spilled some beer a few times while I was racking. Probably would have been a wise idea had I not drank so much too. Good luck!

4.7 / 5.0
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I like (almost) everything about it.
So here's my deal; I have a number of other fermenters. Despite all of them being perfectly serviceable and functional, I find myself reaching for this one the vast majority of the time. I have a couple of FastFerment 7.9 gallon units that get the job done and make yeast harvesting easy, but compared to the Speidel they're a pain to clean and handle. The Fermonster is about as easy to clean, but is nowhere near as stout as the Speidel. It seals perfectly (my 3 gallon FastFerment does not), the air lock is substantial and works flawlessly. My only knock (and it's minor) is that after a year or more of use the plastic spigot developed a small leak. No worries, I replaced it with a stainless spigot. In summary, this fermenter is stout, has plenty of useful accessories available, is easy to move around thanks to the built in handles, is a breeze to clean and sanitize, and just plain gets the job done without fuss or mess.
July 22, 2020
1 year ago
It was extremely easy to clean.
July 21, 2020
1 month ago
So far this fermenter is far superior to my prior primary fermentation in buckets. Seals tightly and easy to clean. I appreciate the headroom and extra large airlock. My only complaint is the lack of volume markings; I had to measure them myself and mark with a permanent pen.
July 16, 2020
1 month ago
So far so good. Seems to work as advertised
July 15, 2020
1 month ago
Looks well built
Right now I’m giving it a 4 because I’ve not used it to brew. I am impressed with the build. In my mind I thought it would be taller for 7.9 gallon but the height pretty much is equal to a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket. Nice super large airlock. Can’t wait to make an actual 6 gallon brew
July 13, 2020
1 month ago
Great overall with just a couple of issues
Overall I love it. The handles make it easy to move around and it is just translucent enough to see the trub. The only issues I have is that even after a good wash it still holds onto fermenting smells. The other issue I have is that the spigot is made for 1/2 inch hose. It's annoying when everything you have is 3/8 and on bottling day, you figure that out. Every spigot I have has stepped down sizes on it so you can fit multiple size hose on it. Seems like something simple that Speidel could do to make life easier.
June 29, 2020
1 month ago
Awesome product!
Love these fermenters! Threw away my Big Mouth Bubblers. These are easy to handle and easier to clean. Love the spigots.
User submitted image
Added Jun 26, 2020
June 26, 2020
2 months ago
The Best I have used!
Super durable and easy to use...capacity allows for larger than 5 gallon batches...plenty of room for fermentation with no rick of overflow. The handles are very sturdy. I use one for primary, another for secondary, and then back to the first for bottling. Great spigot....all accessories are top notch.
June 4, 2020
2 months ago
Great fermenter!
This is the fermenting vat that I have been wishing for and dreaming about for years!
June 2, 2020
2 months ago
Great size only some minor issues
Large size should allow for high hop content (overhead space) for 5 gallon batches. The large opening on top makes it easy to clean. There are just a few cons, 1. the spiggot can slide up (out) in its sleave, 2. the hole on top widdens a bit on the way down so the stopper only has the rim to grab on to - if the either are a bit wet, the stopper wants to works its way out of the hole (up). The air stopper itself is nice and big (shouldn't jam easily from blowoff if hops(etc.) ever got that high - not a problem for 5 gallons).
May 27, 2020
3 months ago