Speidel Braumeister V2 Electric Brewery - 10 L

Speidel Braumeister V2 Electric Brewery - 10 L

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A countertop brewing appliance that produces 2.5 gallons of amazing beer. The Braumeister is a semi-automated process where you add the grain and water at the beginning of the brewing process, set your controls and walk away. You're alerted to remove the grain before the boil and later to add hops. Simple. One nice advantage versus the Pico Brew is the Braumeister reaches and maintains a true boil, a key factor in final beer quality. This little Braumeister has some much larger big brothers (up to 500L/132 gallons) used in commercial brewing. The exact same controller and technology is used on this 10L version. 

New 2015 Model
2015 has brought an update to the user interface on these units. The new control panel showcases a large LED screen, allowing for easier recipe viewing and manipulation, as well as a memory bank to actually store recipes for future brews. Speidel has also been planning for the future with these new control panels.  Aside from immediate benefits, there is hardware to support WiFi control and other functionality that will be released as software updates to existing units. 

The Braumeister Control Module is available now, and when purchased, will upgrade your Generation 2 Braumeister to be controllable over the Wifi network!

Advantages of the Braumeister
First the system is small in footprint and powered by electricity allowing you to brew inside, in a confined space, without the fear of carbon monoxide gas from a flame source. Secondly this unit is very easy to use as you mash the grain and then boil the wort in the same vessel. We also love the automation and control. Before you brew you set the controller with the different temperatures you wish to attain (advice is given on what to set) and the built in heating element and pump do the rest. The Braumeister is especially ideal for step-mashing, which many brewers think is the preferred way to brew lager beers. Based on the results of lagers we have brewed on this machine MoreBeer! agrees.

Walking Through the Brew Process
On Brew Day you are going to assemble your Braumeister with the mash tub and bottom screen. You will fill the unit with filtered water to a notch on the center post - easy. The controller reads in C, and you can set it to different temperatures you wish to reach. Advice is given in the manual. When your water is the correct temperature a beep alerts you to add grain. Stir in your grain, lock down the top screen (so now there is a screen on the bottom and the top) and start the mash. During the mash wort is constantly recirculated through the grain bed from the bottom up, reverse of most typical systems. The liquid wort flows up through the mash and then cascades down between the mash tub and the outer wall of the Braumeister. There it is collected by the pump and pushed back through the mash. When the mash is complete, another beep will alert you to remove the entire Mash Tub, which sets on top of the Braumeister to drain for a period of time. Push another bottom and the boil starts. You program the length of the boil. When the boil stops insert your wort chiller and cool.

Technical Specifications for 10L Braumeister:

  • Braumeisters require a 230v connection and you should plan to have an electrician install a socket and then wire on the appropriate plug. Or you can choose to use a transformer that converts 110v to 220v power such as this one.
  • Produces 11L/2.9 Gal of Wort resulting in about 10L/2.6 Gal of finished beer
  • 2015 Controllers can store up to ten recipes for easy rebrewing!
  • 22 lbs
  • 1000 Watt built in heating capacity
  • 9 Watt pump
  • 230 v (protection at least 10 amp), 50-60Hz
  • 19 inches tall
  • 11.8 inches in diameter
  • 6.2 lb max qty of malt
  • Max Fill Level = 12 L (Upper Marking on Center Rod)

To complete your brew day with some
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Perfect device for small batches, which is my mainstay
Roger Placer on Mar 19, 2019
Perfect device for small batches, which is my mainstay
Roger Placer on Mar 19, 2019
because i want to make beer
Claudia M on Mar 28, 2018
because i want to make beer
Claudia M on Mar 28, 2018

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Perfect for my needs
There's a lot of competition in the all-in-one electric brewing world these days (late 2019). However, the 10L Braumeister is a unique product. It's a true single unit system optimized (not just adapted) for small batches. Small batches are all I brew. All of my fermenters, kegs, and other gadgets are sized for 2-3 gallon brews. And I always brew 4-6% ABV because I avoid heavy beers.

So the 10L BM is not a compromise for my brewing habits, as it would be for someone brewing big beers and always craving more volume. If you are one of those folks - and it's clear that's the typical homebrewer profile - then buy something else. But if your lifestyle appreciates a purpose-built machine for smaller batches of beer, then this unit is the shizz.

Yes, the price is high, and that can be a tough pill to swallow, but the money is easily forgotten after you experience how convenient the 10L BM is. It's efficient, small, light, and built with very solid German parts. While not common in the U.S., a browse through a sampling of YouTube videos reveals that the BM line is popular in Europe. It's a very elegant machine and line of products.

The optional, pricey dome top is easily replicated with a colander of similar size. This will keep the boil at an optimal vigor. I also fabricated my own insulating jacket out of dense foam - the type used for gym flooring.

The only part I dislike is the U-shaped frame that you rest on the rim to lift and seat the malt pipe. I find that the pipe's bottom, when situated thusly, doesn't always clear the surface of the wort. I solve this by lifting the pipe a little higher with a pulley. However, this is not necessary if you cannot swing such a setup.

Full support for multiple step mashes, a bottom-mounted pump that requires no setup/breakdown, circular elements, and the ability to manually control heat or pump functions are some of the features. Wort is easily collected after chilling through the built-in spigot, and by slightly tipping the unit, loss is minimal. A standard-issue hop canister hangs neatly on the vessel rim, and keeps pellet hop bits from getting into the pump (although it can handle this, clean-up is easier if avoided).
10L Braumeister with DIY jacket and colander top!
10L Braumeister with DIY jacket and colander top!
December 21, 2019
1 year ago
Great for half batches!
My standard batch is 2.5 gallons, and this system is perfect.
Pros- automaton level is just about perfect, cleanup is pretty quick and easy since it's not too heavy, repeatability and consistency are perfect, ability to step mash if needed, shorter brew day since smaller batches heat and cool more quickly, with smaller batches you end up getting to brew more, achieves a full on boil, takes up way less storage space than my old system.
Cons- metal is a little thinner than the 20L Braumeister so not quite as sturdy, the controller is a little bit out of proportion since it was made for the larger versions, the inside is not polished like the 20L, a few tiny cosmetic issues that didn't affect function, pump could be just a touch stronger but is adequate.
Non-Issues- Grain Limit- I very rarely brew north of 6% anyway. 220V- Surprisingly easy to find a cord that goes from 220 on one end to square computer style plug on the other (Amazon). Automation Level- Lets me do the fun parts, but doesn't let me miss temps or forget hop additions. Basically like having your very own assistant/minion.
This really does deliver on everything it promises and makes brewing less work and more fun. Extremely happy with the Braumeister 10L. I will never go back to my old system.
August 21, 2017