The OxyWand™ Wort Oxygenation Kit - 0.5 Micron

The OxyWand™ Wort Oxygenation Kit - 0.5 Micron

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Oxygenate your wort like the pros with the OxyWand Oxygenation kit! Insert the oxygenation wand into your fermenter and pump in thousands of microscopic oxygen bubbles for 1-2 minutes to improve the health of your yeast. Healthy yeast produce amazing flavors and have the stamina to completely finish fermentation. 

That is not the only reason yeast love the OxyWand™.  Yeast hate to compete with bacteria and you hate to drink them.  Sintered stainless stones are made of tightly compressed stainless steel powder to create a porous block through which oxygen can flow. This micro maze is also the perfect environment for bacteria to live in after the stone has been used once in wort. That is why we love to boil our stones prior to use.  The stone on the OxyWand™ is connected via a 1/4" flare fitting and can easily be removed and cleaned after use and then boiled before your next brew day.  

This OxyWand™ Oxygenation kit comes complete with adjustable brass oxygen regulator, Sanitary air filter, 4 ft of tubing, Instructions, and a 26" long 0.5 Micron OxyWand™.

The advantage of using compressed oxygen to oxygenate is speed - you can oxygenate your wort in 60 seconds as opposed to 30-120 minutes with aeration. This .5 micron stone can only be used with compressed oxygen because an aeration pump does not supply enough pressure. If you are looking for an Oxywand to use with aeration pumps please see the 2 micron version.   

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Need to improve my aeration techniques
Wade S on Oct 20, 2020
Tired of trying to aerate wort by hand
Derek Peoples on Aug 22, 2020
Need to improve my aeration techniques
Wade S on Oct 20, 2020
pre-assembled, good price point
Robert A on Oct 12, 2020
Tired of trying to aerate wort by hand
Derek Peoples on Aug 22, 2020
Need more oxygen in high gravity wort prior to fermentation
Charles P on Jul 31, 2020
Like oxygen
Dane B on Jul 30, 2020
Making lager now, need for wort
Brad H on May 9, 2020
I research it on line
Betsy O on Apr 21, 2020
Theresa B on Dec 11, 2019
Lots of great reviews and was 0.5 micron.
Ben c on Dec 2, 2019
wanted a more effective way to oxygenate my beer!
Anthony S L on Nov 25, 2019
looked good
Jess C on Nov 21, 2019
better solution for my setup than an inline system
Mr Craig L R on Nov 14, 2019
Oxygenate the wort better
Matthew M on Aug 28, 2019
detachable carb stone and way better than shaking the carboy
Michelangelo Alcantar on Aug 28, 2019
the ability to remove the stone makes it a no brainer. Others that i looked at the stone was welded directly to the rod which would make it hard to sanitize
Jena A T on Jul 11, 2019
Better to oxygenate my wort.
Melissa B on Jun 6, 2019
gotta give the yeasties what they want!
Winslow on May 31, 2019
The wand style is superior to the hose style
Steve T on Apr 10, 2019
Improved yeast health and placement control of wand.
Kary P on Mar 21, 2019
Need to prep beer for efficient fermentation
MARK R on Mar 5, 2019
I wanted faster fermentation!
James T on Mar 5, 2019
Not in local shops. Free shipping. I want the best beer possible
Andy Murrin on Feb 11, 2019
to see if i get better beer
carl e on Dec 31, 2018
mead oxygenation
Russell Windham on Dec 31, 2018
Easy way to oxygenate wort
Kevin C on Dec 29, 2018
It's a requested gift...
David S on Dec 18, 2018
Eileen B on Dec 17, 2018
Secure by easily detachable stone, plus free shipping
Alan A on Nov 27, 2018
Switch from air to oxygen
RICHARD G on Nov 20, 2018
I want to see if this improves my fermentation.
Theodore Nowicki on Nov 19, 2018
I preferred the steel wand over the hose because I want to control where I position my stone in the wort. Also this allows me to connect to the bernzomatic oxygen bottle that I can get at the hardware store.
Grant M on Nov 17, 2018
Been wanting to upgrade and is what I was looking for all in one package
Scott V on Oct 30, 2018
heard it would help and it is getting colder
Herbert G Schreiber I on Oct 29, 2018
It has a longer wand than the competition.
Mark L on Oct 13, 2018
Will be for oxygenating in the fermenter.
Sean J on Sep 25, 2018
I've been learning some new tricks from a local, award winning home brewer and oxygenating the wort made a huge difference for his beer.
Matthew R on Sep 11, 2018
Recommended by a friend to facilitate my fermentation processes - Beer, Mead, Kombucha, Wine?
Everett M on Jul 30, 2018
it works
kyle f on Jul 14, 2018
Recommended by friend
Alex Davit on Jun 9, 2018
Healthy Yeast, better beer!
Matt W on Jun 7, 2018
For a long time I've whipped my wort with a large commercial whisk to oxygenate before pitching. I understand this may have a negative effect on head retention and still doesn't optimally oxygenate. The wand will improve my yeast performance, save time and possibly improve head retention. Yay!
Jason B on May 26, 2018
Good deal and free shipping
Scott T on May 25, 2018
This is a very good price for an oxygenation kit.
Jerome A R on May 15, 2018
I want my beer to ferment faster and cleaner
Mitchell J on May 8, 2018
I want to make better beer. And this kit is going to help make my yeast happy and healthy which means better end results. Plus, the stainless steel wand offers a lifelong product that can be easily sanitized.
Ken Z on Apr 28, 2018
Making a barleywine in the next few weeks and it was the perfect time to upgrade from my manual aeration techniques
Greg W on Apr 16, 2018
To ensure my yeast stay happy and well fed
gordon l on Apr 6, 2018
To avoid stalled ferm and acetaldehyde.
James B on Apr 2, 2018
Based on the reviews
Eric D on Mar 30, 2018
Ordered this a simple and clean way to get O2 in wort. Good reviews, and has inline filter already.
Damon H on Mar 2, 2018
pre-assembled, good price point
Robert A on Oct 12, 2020
Need more oxygen in high gravity wort prior to fermentation
Charles P on Jul 31, 2020
Will the regulator work in a fillable O2 tank, or disposable? Does it matter?
Aaron Paxson on Feb 20, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Hi Aaron. I've taken a look at some of the portable/refillable oxygen tank connections that might be used for those with respiratory problems, and I'm pretty sure those connections are significantly different from the OxyWand regulator you're inquiring about. To the best of my knowledge, the OxyWand regulator will only thread into the disposable tanks you might get at a hardware store or at one of the big box stores. It is similar to the connection used on the disposable propane tank a plumber might use.
After speaking with a coworker who's been brewing for a number of years who also uses something similar to the OxyWand, he assures me that only a small amount of pure oxygen is needed to oxygenate a 5 gallon batch of wort - something like a 5 to 10 second flow will normally suffice, so the disposable tank should last for a number of batches of wort. I hope I helped you out.

What is the inside diameter of the tubing?
David Jammalo on Feb 6, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The tubing from the regular into the filter is 3/16" ID and from the filter to the steel wand is 1/4" ID.

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Works Great
Before a full day had passed I was seeing the most vigorous fermentation I'd ever seen, in almost three decades of homebrewing.. The only thing I did different was oxygenating this batch.
September 15, 2020
1 month ago
Such an upgrade!
This is a real upgrade over the old style one I had with the soft gas line that I had to hold straight while aerating. Just set this thing in and let it go.
June 9, 2020
1 year ago
Easy to use
So much better than pouring the wort back and forth to aerate. I would get so much foam do that it made it difficult to finally get it all into my fermenter. Two 20 second burst of pure O2 and the yeast were super active
May 27, 2020
5 months ago
Best equipment purchase in the last 2 years!
Love this piece of equipment! 60 seconds to aerate a 5 gal. batch of Belgian ale. So much better than trying to shake the carboy! Easy to sanitize and use as well. Buy one now if you dont already have one!
May 19, 2020
5 months ago
Take your yeast to the next level
Had my craziest fermentation yet after using this puppy for 2 minutes on an IPA. Get it.
April 29, 2020
6 months ago
Great product did as expected. Oxygenated my wort.
April 26, 2020
6 months ago
Could Use Better Instruction
The OxyWand performed as expected. I would have liked more detailed instructions relative to controlling the quantity of oxygen injected into the wort.
January 1, 2020
11 months ago
Oxygen appears to have helped
First time use was yesterday. I also had a starter and it is fermenting nicely. I believe the oxygen for 60 seconds helped
December 15, 2019
11 months ago
Great Tool
Works just like it should. Great tool to get the fermentation started on the right path.
December 9, 2019
11 months ago
Get one!
This wand does the trick... have noticed improved fermentation time/vigor and improved final gravities. Worth the $ and time. Your taste buds will thank you.
October 22, 2019
1 year ago