Hop Spider

Hop Spider

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The hop spider is stainless steel mesh hop filter that hangs from the the edge of your kettle. Up to 12 oz of hops are poured directly into the spider during the boil.  Made from 304 stainless steel. The basket is 13.75 in (35cm) high with the opening at the top being 5.9 in (15cm) diameter and tapers down to a 3.9 in (10cm) diameter at the bottom. 0.4 mm aperture mesh.


Kegland Part Number: KL04688

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good price
Glen K on Dec 1, 2020
My husband mentioned it so...
Rogna H on Nov 23, 2020
good price
Glen K on Dec 1, 2020
John P J on Nov 24, 2020
My husband mentioned it so...
Rogna H on Nov 23, 2020
One Pliny The Elder D{PIA clone was all it took. This makes any/all hop additions much easier!
Ross Browne on Nov 17, 2020
Tired of buying or not having mesh bags on hand
Eugene M on Nov 14, 2020
Good reviews.
Alistair S on Nov 11, 2020
Free shipping
Danny K on Nov 7, 2020
tired of straining 8-10 oz of hops thru my strainer after boil
Troy F on Nov 6, 2020
JIM L on Nov 4, 2020
Heard about it.
thomas f. k on Oct 29, 2020
Best value all in one
Troy A on Oct 24, 2020
This was recomended by many to help prevent clogging the pump
John Kirwan I on Oct 22, 2020
replacing hop bags
David R on Oct 13, 2020
better than bag
CHAMP J on Oct 7, 2020
Easier to use with an immersion chiller than my DIY one
Peter G on Oct 2, 2020
Looked cool, want to get clearer beer
Jeff H on Oct 2, 2020
Finally!!!! hoping to avoid the use of so many grain bags on Brew Days!
Joni W on Sep 26, 2020
I thought it would go nicely with the bathroom rug and towels
Doi j H on Sep 24, 2020
RFLuis Solis P on Sep 23, 2020
William m on Sep 22, 2020
So I don’t have to keep using bags
Zachary W on Sep 19, 2020
tired of multiple hop bags
Jim F on Sep 14, 2020
Don't want to plug up my chiller
Tony D G on Sep 5, 2020
reduce the amount of hop debris that makes it into the fermenter
Michael B on Sep 5, 2020
Cleaner/easier way to add hops as well as keep them out of wort.
Dan F on Sep 4, 2020
Supposed to fit keggle and need to stop clogging plate chiller from hop material
Ken W on Sep 3, 2020
for good recommendations
Angelica Moreno on Aug 31, 2020
I don't like using hop bags
Andrew H on Aug 27, 2020
Seen it used successfully
Kenneth M M on Aug 26, 2020
Looking for a faster, easier brew day.
Bill S on Aug 24, 2020
looks like it fits keggles
Jacob K on Aug 22, 2020
tired of not having muslin bags or filtering out hops after boil
JACOB M on Aug 20, 2020
Better than bag
Mark G on Aug 19, 2020
Hoping to get clearer beer
Larry K on Aug 17, 2020
Better help to contain hop residue to prevent stuck sparge/recircultion/whirlpool etc. Im sure the false bottom and other mesh bottoms do the job, but rather that it than find out the hard way
Maxwell G on Aug 16, 2020
Shane D on Aug 13, 2020
To hold my grains
Rollin D on Aug 13, 2020
To go with my DigiBoil
Colten Zachary on Aug 4, 2020
Gift for husband
Martha S on Jul 30, 2020
Hoping to remove the hop bag requirement
Tim E on Jul 30, 2020
reusable and fine screening
Charles J on Jul 30, 2020
Matt T on Jul 29, 2020
ease of hop in boil
Raymond T on Jul 23, 2020
to make in-boil hops additions easier
Todd Morgan on Jul 23, 2020
Don’t have one to hard to strain hot wort
Will C on Jul 22, 2020
Doing smaller batches and want more into the fermenter.
Matt W on Jul 21, 2020
dank dank
Ryan Jones on Jul 16, 2020
Better than bags
Jayson C on Jul 14, 2020
my husband wanted it
Patricia G on Jul 8, 2020
We need a hop solution for our brew pot, one with decent volume.
Neil C on Jul 1, 2020
John P J on Nov 24, 2020
One Pliny The Elder D{PIA clone was all it took. This makes any/all hop additions much easier!
Ross Browne on Nov 17, 2020
Would anyone recommend this to replace bags for grain and/or hops in the main boil? Seems like it'd keep most of the trub from settling in the wort but I am concerned that with such a fine mesh, the ingredients won't incorporate into the boil as well as bags or loose.
Chris Meier on Jul 16, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I have one and have used it several times. It’s not really big enough for grain, why are you adding grain to your boil? Liquid malt maybe! I use a clamp to hold it to the side of my boil kettle, as it tends to float during the boil, and before the clamp it once dumped into the kettle. I put my recirculating hose into the spider, to be sure the hops are getting full utilization. However, a lot of pellets, for multiple hop additions, can clog the screen and overflow the spider as well. I bought one with a screw top, that I just throw in like a bag, but it’s smaller for smaller additions. It has its benefits used properly, I had a plate chiller I was using and didn’t want the hops plugging it up. I’ve had bags come untied, so being careful about what ever you do, is prudent.
Will this do well with my 10 gallon Anvil Kettle?
John Coughlin on Sep 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Should be fine, John. You may need to modify the handle depending on your setup. I use the same spider with my 10 gallon Brewbuilt. I wanted to raise the bottom of the spider to sit above my electric heating element. Simply modified the handle to raise the resting height. This also allowed the spider’s top rim to stay well above the boil level. Good luck.
I brew 3gal batch’s would this work for that my boil volume for 3gal batch is little over 5gal?
William Hardin on Jun 8, 2020
BEST ANSWER: This does depend on the height of your kettle overall. If it gets to the bottom of your kettle, or underneath the surface of your wort, then it will work perfectly regardless of batch size.
Will this fit to my 20 gallon ss brewtech kettle? Im doing 15 gallon batches on it.
Ariel Zelaya on Dec 10, 2019
BEST ANSWER: It should work fine for you with that size kettle. I traded mine out for a smaller version as I only use an 8 gallon kettle.
Hello! I am wondering the full length of the product? It says the basket is 13.75 inches high, but how long is the metal handle? I get that it can be bent, but how long is the metal handle so I know how much wiggle room I have.
Christopher Stull on Jul 6, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The handle is 2.5" long, not sure why it looks so long in the photo.
How do you handle 0 minute hops additions with this? Add the hops and then immediately remove it? Or add the hops and keep this in the wort until cooled down?
Aaron Correll on Mar 13, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Aaron - We recommend to add the 0 minute hops into the hop spider, allow the hops to steep for 15 minutes or less, then it shouldn't be a problem to remove the spider and start wort chilling. Or you can add the 0 min hops straight into the wort without the spider and immediately begin chilling.
The specs say that the basket is 13.75" high. Is that the distance from the bottom of the cone to the top of the handle, or to the top of the actual cone?

Does anyone know if the handle can be bent so that the kettle lid can still fit on the pot?
Jeff Calton on Mar 12, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Jeff - That measurement is referring to the actual cone, not to the top of the handle, and the handle can be bent to specifications. However, too much modification to the handle can cause weakness over time. Especially weakening of the weld connecting the handle to the cone.
For this mesh size how much loss of the bitterness vs direct contact?
Denis Shatilov on Jan 30, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Denis - The loss of bitterness is rather minuscule using the hop spider.

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Hop Spider
Screen gets clogged easily. Have to scrape screen to get decent flow of hop liquid. Keeps hops our of pump though
November 17, 2020
3 months ago
Best Homebrew Purchase ever!
After using muslin bags for 4 years and so-so hop flavors in my pale ales/ipas, I pulled the trigger for hop spider. One of my best home brew purchase I made. Super easy to use and much better hop extraction. Easy to clean post boil and saves me from messy muslin bags.
Fits well in my kettle and keeps the hops in.
Fits well in my kettle and keeps the hops in.
November 11, 2020
1 month ago
What an upgrade from bags
I like to do lots of hop additions and have tons of hop bags. I would tie them all on a hook outside of the boil kettle. Worked - but then a pain to clean all of the, dry, etc. This spider makes it supper simple to add multiple additions. One device and I just pour the hop additions into it. Wish I had it years ago!
October 27, 2020
1 month ago
Brewing made easy
Using this during my boil greatly reduced the amount of sediment in my mash. Flavor remains spot on and bulk of additions are captured for easy removal.
October 16, 2020
3 months ago
Gets clogged easily
I've been using this for a little over a year now in probably 10 or so 10gal batches using pellet hops. I've brewed malt forward beers with only a few hops and hop-heavy IPAs with it. I love that it keeps the hops contained. It has really cleaned up my beer and my bazooka tube doesn't get clogged up anymore. I had to bend the handle a bit to accommodate my kettle, but that was no big deal.

That said, I've found that I lose quite a bit of wort when I use it due to it clogging. I'm not sure if it is clogged with hop matter or with protein, but either way, when I lift it out of the wort, the wort doesn't drain out except for the slightest trickle. I decided to sit there and let it drain entirely one time and it took over an hour. This has been the case when I use Irish Moss or whirlfloc and when I don't use them.

Not sure if I should just build in a quart or two of waste into my recipes or if I should try a different hop spider. This also makes me wonder how much hop utilization I'm actually getting if the wort doesn't circulate through it very well.

Any advice on how to keep the thing flowing freely would be appreciated.
October 8, 2020
1 year ago
Too large for 5 gallon kettle
Too large for the 5 gallon kettle that comes with the extract starter kits. It is fine mesh and I still use it, it just goes in diagonally and the kit doesn’t fit when it is inside. Oh well, time to upgrade to a bigger kettle.
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Added Sep 23, 2020
September 23, 2020
3 months ago
Does the job!
Works well, not too hard to clean, still getting great flavor and aroma using with pellet hops.
September 22, 2020
4 months ago
Great product!
Bought this as a gift for my husband. He loved it and it was easy to use. Clean up was also fast and easy.
August 12, 2020
4 months ago
Works great. Keeps the whirlpool clear
July 27, 2020
4 months ago
Works great!
Worked great! Very easy to add hops. With the handle I could work it up and down to get full use of hops. Hung on my keg during boil without issue. Sits in the middle of my cooler cool chiller. Very easy to rinse off old hops and be ready for next use. Much easier then cleaning hop bags.
Full boil.  Foam rolls back into strainer collection particulate.
During calm boil dropped all the way to bottom for more surface area.
User submitted image
July 18, 2020
5 months ago