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GigaYeast Double Pitch - GY001 NorCal Ale #1 Yeast

GigaYeast Double Pitch - GY001 NorCal Ale #1 Yeast

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With 200 Billion Yeast Cells per pack, the Giga Yeast Gold Pitch features nearly double the cell count of other liquid yeast producers. This equals faster starts, better flavors, and more insurance that your beer is going to turn out well. Double the yeast for just a little more money.  Smart brewing.

The NorCal Ale #1 Strain
Clean Fermenting, versatile strain from one of the most famous California Pale Ales.  Neutral flavor profile creates a crisp beer and allows hops to shine.  Strong attenuator and good flocculation perfectly suited for a large variety of styles.  Good choice for high gravity beers.

More On Cell Count
200 Billion cells per pouch means that with one pounch you can attain the gold standard of pitch count. The ideal pitch rate is .75 million yeast cells for every milliter of wort  times degrees plato for nearly any beer you will make. 200 billion yeast cells is also fantastic if you are making 5 gallons of high gravity beer and don't have time to make a starter.  Saves money if you are making 10 gallons and only want to buy one yeast. Getting twice as many cells per pack versus the other brands is also a great idea for mail order shipment, which can be a little tough on liquid yeast.


Attenuation Medium Gravity*:  76% – 80%
Attenuation High Gravity*: 78% – 80%  (10.5% – 11.0% ABV)
Temperature Range†:  64˚F – 77˚F
Flocculation:  Medium

Style Uses:

  • India Pale Ale
  • Pale Ale
  • Barley Wine
  • Stout
  • Bitter
  • ESB

* Attenuation was measured after 8 days with Ale yeast at 70˚F and Lager yeast at 50˚F.  Medium Gravity is 14˚ – 16˚Plato.  High Gravity is 23˚- 25˚Plato.

†  The working temperature range represents the range at which fermentation for a given strain produces a typical attenuation- not necessarily the ideal temperature for your particular beer style.  As a rule of thumb, start ale yeast fermentation at 68˚ – 72˚F and then lower or raise temp as desired.  Lager Yeast are typically fermented at 45˚ – 58˚F.  If desired, Lager Yeast can be given a “hot start” at 65-68˚F and then lowered to the primary temperature after active fermentation begins (10-20hrs).


For best results we always recommend ordering an ice pack with your liquid yeast.


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Chris E on Apr 8, 2020
Producing a Pale Ale
Jared L on Apr 8, 2020
Chris E on Apr 8, 2020
Kit recommendation
Chris G on Apr 8, 2020
Producing a Pale Ale
Jared L on Apr 8, 2020
trying something new
Eric B on Apr 6, 2020
no need for yeast starter
Neil S on Mar 30, 2020
Looks good
Matthew James W on Mar 29, 2020
Ships from CA
heidi r on Mar 29, 2020
I double pitch any way, this might save some money
Swindel A on Mar 28, 2020
Double pitch really packs a punch during fermentation
John F on Mar 28, 2020
Sounded goog
Scott S on Mar 26, 2020
I am too lazy to make a starter
Aaronmwebster on Mar 26, 2020
worked well on the last batch
Deland H on Mar 24, 2020
didn't want to make a starter
Jesse F on Mar 23, 2020
Darien B on Mar 23, 2020
used before, my friend and I are doing the same recipe with different yeasts
Diana G on Mar 21, 2020
High yeast content
Steven C on Mar 3, 2020
looked like a good stable yeast
Julia on Feb 12, 2020
Something different
jason l on Feb 11, 2020
Worth a try for double the cell count
Robert C on Feb 10, 2020
I'm from Sacramento
James S on Feb 3, 2020
One of the yeasts recommended and I've used it before with good results.
Vaughn G on Feb 1, 2020
I have used before
Michael R on Jan 30, 2020
First time user
1431 Pine S on Jan 23, 2020
Used in the past, made great beer!
Troy N on Jan 22, 2020
Have used with good results
John F on Jan 8, 2020
It was the top recommende yeast for this beer recipe
Desiree B on Jan 4, 2020
I figured I would try something new.
Anthony J S on Jan 1, 2020
used it before
Gerald F on Dec 30, 2019
I've had good luck with this yeast with this kit in the past
Jack M on Dec 21, 2019
Recommended for kit - new product for me
Scott B on Dec 20, 2019
I can make a smaller starter
Bridget H on Dec 18, 2019
My new favorite
Scott L on Dec 16, 2019
steve P on Dec 9, 2019
I'm a nervous liquid yeast user (i.e. it scares me how long it takes for fermentation to begin) - this seems like a good idea (i.e. double the yeast count)
Christopher O on Dec 6, 2019
David L on Dec 4, 2019
should be good and clean pitch for beer brew selection
Monique Myers H on Dec 4, 2019
James E W on Nov 30, 2019
Looking forward to seeing how it works
Scott L on Nov 30, 2019
Vaughn G on Nov 25, 2019
Great yeast! Used many times as direct pitch and as a starter.
Alex Perkins on Nov 14, 2019
Looking for the closest yeast to Russian river
Brian B on Nov 4, 2019
Great yeast! Never had any problems
Alex Perkins on Nov 1, 2019
Very active throughout primary
Dennis Hannaford on Oct 26, 2019
Best offered
Craig M on Oct 24, 2019
no need for starter
dave m on Oct 23, 2019
never tried this brand before
Harry C on Oct 22, 2019
High yeast count to get fast and thorough fermentation.
John K on Oct 14, 2019
It was recommended
Michael R on Oct 12, 2019
quick fermentation
sean c on Oct 9, 2019
Todd S on Oct 8, 2019
Kit recommendation
Chris G on Apr 8, 2020
trying something new
Eric B on Apr 6, 2020

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Great yeast.
Yeast package dated February, purchase in March. Pitched 2 packages into my 10 gallon batch of IPA, without a starter. Pitched at 1pm on Saturday and when I checked at 8am Sunday it was already active. I was holding the temp at the lower end of the range, around 65 F. By mid day Sunday fermentation was highly active and continued for 3-4 days.

Really liked how quickly this began and how vigorous it fermented. I will definitely use this again.
March 31, 2020
3 weeks ago
Is it me or is the packaged dates pretty far out?
I buy this as it claims 200 cells, however, the viability is often no where near 100% since the packaged on date is 2-4 months back. Maybe it is just bad luck? Other then that, no issues.
February 16, 2020
8 months ago
Quick yeast - minimized the danger zone time...
This was the fastest liquid yeast I’ve ever used. Pitched it at 8pm and it was bubbling strong by 10. About to rack to secondary, so no judgements on flavor yet, but it’s going good.
December 19, 2019
4 months ago
GigaYeast Norcal
Used GIGAYEAST Norcal for a stout and it worked great, even seemed to continue work well during second fermentation.
November 3, 2019
5 months ago
It’s 8.99 for a reason, simply effective.
October 22, 2019
6 months ago
So far so good. Action after about 12 hours, can’t wait for the finished product.
January 10, 2019
1 year ago
Started working fast.
December 20, 2018
1 year ago
the batch date has been recent on all orders I have purchased.
December 4, 2018
1 year ago
Active and quick
I refrigerated the packet once I received it and used it within a few days. The fermentation kicked off in the first day and was vary active. The specific gravity fell to the expected level, so my experience with this yeast was positive.
September 10, 2018
1 year ago
Great yeast
The extra money money spent on this double pitch is worth it. Very fast start.
September 6, 2018
1 year ago