FermZilla Conical Fermenter - 7.1 gal. / 27 L

FermZilla Conical Fermenter - 7.1 gal. / 27 L

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The new and improved FermZilla in 27L brought to you by the critical minds and engineers behind the original Fermentasaurus Gen 1. Although the original Fermentasaurus was revolutionary at the time of its conception, there's always room for improvement. This is partly due to the strong community of Fermentasaurus users who have helped push for an improved conical unitank.

The FermZilla is the perfect option for brewers that want all the advantages of a conical fermenter without the price tag of a full blown stainless steel unit. It allows you to dump trub, harvest yeast, and with the addition of the 27L FermZilla Pressure Kit, you can carbonate and serve – all in one vessel! The clear PET tank allows you to visually monitor fermenation activity and is pressure rated to 2.4 Bar (34.8 psi), which means you can ferment under pressure, reducing ester and fusel alcohols in your finished beer. This also gives the ability to perform pressure transfers. If you prefer to move your finished beer to a keg or other vessel, you can do so with little to no oxygen exposure.
New and Improved:
1. Larger Dump Valve - 3" butterfly dump valve is more resistant to clogging from large amounts of trub
2. Larger Opening - 4.75" top port opening allows for easier cleaning
3. Less Headspace - more appropriately sized for 5-gallon batches. Purging the headspace of oxygen is easier and more effective.
What's Included:
  • FermZilla 27L Tank with Butterfly Dump Valve
  • Reinforced Stainless Steel Stand
  • Top Lid with PRV (35 psi)
  • 1000 ml Collection Container & Lid
  • 3-Piece Airlock
  • Graduation Sticker
  • Adhesive Thermometer
  • Strap Wrench
  • Spare Seals


  • 27 L (7.1 gal) Total Volume
  • Pressure Rated to 2.4 Bar (34.8 psi)
  • Temperature Rated to 122°F
  • Height in Stand - 28.3"
  • Height w/ Airlock - 32.7"
  • Tank Diameter - 13.9"
  • Diameter in Stand - 15.7"
  • Lid & Collection Container Ports - 28 mm PCO 1881 threads

Please note: when using the FermZilla under pressure, you must perform a water pressure check to ensure your connections are leak proof. To do this, fill your FermZilla up with water, apply at least 15 psi pressure, and check for leaks around all caps and threads.  

Kegland Part number: KL06835


Having Trouple Removing The Lid?
The easiest way to take off the lid is to undo the lid ring then use a screw driver or faucet wrench to lever the lid up as shown in the animated GIF below:


Item # FE110
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Weight 12 LBS

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Christmas gift for my Hasnend
Paulina h on Dec 5, 2020
Upgrade from Gen 1
Randall C on Nov 30, 2020
Christmas gift for my Hasnend
Paulina h on Dec 5, 2020
It's what I need
Greg O on Dec 1, 2020
Upgrade from Gen 1
Randall C on Nov 30, 2020
Gift for our son.
Cathy on Nov 29, 2020
I have one and need a second.
Eric D on Nov 21, 2020
Stepping up my game.
Noah Burgos on Nov 14, 2020
to be able to harvest yeast.
Kathy J. H on Nov 12, 2020
Try a different style of fermenter
Mike m on Nov 10, 2020
Really nice product. This is my second one.
Matt Wisner on Oct 30, 2020
Because it is clear
Timothy Edwards on Oct 29, 2020
Did not read the instructions on the first one and caused harm!
Hunter J on Oct 28, 2020
Elegant, functional design.
len h on Oct 27, 2020
Improvements over first generation. And value.
Thomas P on Oct 20, 2020
See thru an size
Kenneth B on Oct 20, 2020
Perfect value
Diana A on Oct 20, 2020
Upgrading from buckets.
Devin Ruple on Oct 8, 2020
Oxygenless transfer to keg. Dry hopping .
Zack O on Oct 5, 2020
I have been looking at reviews and videos on these fermentors and decided to buy and try. I also wanted a way to wash the yeast for re-use
kevin h on Oct 4, 2020
Great reviews
THOMAS M on Sep 30, 2020
Would like a conical fermenter that I can collect yeast in that is reasonably priced.
JARED on Sep 23, 2020
Good price for pressurized unit to go with my all rounder
Ethan H Schneider on Sep 23, 2020
my boyfriend wants it
Lisa H on Sep 12, 2020
good reviews on fermenting under pressure
Christopher S on Sep 9, 2020
Looks like a good size for small batches
Ted D on Sep 4, 2020
Pressurized transfer
Mike E on Aug 13, 2020
This is my second FermZilla. Very easy to use, clean and ferment.It is very hard to go back using carboys.
Morrie DeMoulin on Aug 12, 2020
Price, Yeast/Trub chamber, pressure fermenting, close transfer, natural carbonation, floating bev ball and can drink straight out of the fermenter.
Rodolfo C on Aug 6, 2020
It was requested by a beer maker friend for a birthday present
Blake H on Jul 27, 2020
husband told me to
Annika G on Jul 24, 2020
Pressure rating
Teresa A on Jul 23, 2020
Inexpensive Pressure Fermentation
Reggie H on Jul 21, 2020
Local recommendation
William F on Jul 21, 2020
Simple and easy way to get into fermenting
Drake T on Jul 16, 2020
the reviews on youtube and you can pressure ferment
Allan B on Jun 27, 2020
Recommendation from a friend
Justin G on Jun 23, 2020
The batch I have in my fermenter now is blowing the lid off, I had to duct tape the lid on. Need a fermenter with a screw on lid and also so I can rid the trub.
kevin b on Jun 19, 2020
to brew
S7-118252 Saad m on Jun 18, 2020
Watched the Videos. The Australian Video looked good.
Charles V on Jun 9, 2020
good reviews
Jim S on Jun 9, 2020
value & price right compared to similar fermenting units
Joseph S on Jun 4, 2020
Like it
Sven G on May 30, 2020
Michael P T on May 29, 2020
great reviews/accessories
Christopher E W on May 27, 2020
I have used the older Fermentasaurus for years now and love them. Time for an upgrade and to refresh our fermenters
Tim Mills on May 20, 2020
Pressure fermenting
Anil V on May 19, 2020
Research, videos, etc. Ready to move up from the Ale Pail.
Rene R on May 13, 2020
Ruben V on May 6, 2020
I wanted a conical fermenter. The price is right compared to stainless.
Paul H on Apr 9, 2020
Best beginner system for small batches with lots of upgradeable features
GAVIN R on Mar 24, 2020
Pressure ferment
Leif E H on Mar 18, 2020
It's what I need
Greg O on Dec 1, 2020
Gift for our son.
Cathy on Nov 29, 2020
Can this be taken off the stand and put in a fridge? Will the bottom support its weight? If not, is there a good way to keep the temp low?
Charles Richardson-Gongora on Apr 20, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately you cannot take this unit off of the stand when it is full. It is entirely top heavy and cannot balance reliably on the collection ball or the valve. There are a few ways to keep it cool from inserts, huge fridges, jackets with icepacks, and a lot of other imaginative ways. Please explore our options on the website and see which option seems best for you.
Can you rack directly to bottles from this unit?
Tom DePoto on Aug 24, 2019
BEST ANSWER: yes, it is a bit more of a challenge than the fermentasaurus. I use a silicone tube down the capped top lid. would be nice if they added a screw on bottling nipple that would attach to the collection bottle.
so how would you take a hydro reading when under pressure?
Rick Runyan on May 9, 2019
will you do a funnel attachment for bottling that goes instead of the container?
Alex Hellbach on Oct 31, 2019
Can you purge the Collection Container?
Ryan White on Jun 27, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Ryan - Is purging referenced in regards to dry hopping? If so, take a look at this thread on the subject: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/easiest-way-to-purge-hops-with-co2-using-a-fermentasaurus.648512/
Can you install a test port like you can on the fast fermenter?
Rick Runyan on May 5, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Rick - The plastic on the Fermzilla is too thin to install a test port.
Can I use one step no rinse sanitizer and PBW for cleaning? Thanks
Tom Keller on Nov 21, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I just use oxyclean with warm water and final rinse with star-san in all my equipment. This has worked for me over the years. Cheap and efficient.
How do you transfer beer from the new style Fermzilla to a Cornielus keg?
Thank you.
Jeffrey L Palmer on Oct 14, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Pressure transfer with two psi differential work good with minimal forming. Example: 12 psi on the fermenter and 10 psi on the corny keg controlled by a spunding valve
What is the width and height?
scott hoppel on Aug 23, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hello Scott, here go some product specs:
Height in Stand - 28.3"
Height w/ Airlock - 32.7"
Tank Diameter - 13.9"
Diameter in Stand - 15.7"
What do you need to buy in order to purge the collection can of oxygen for dry hopping?
Rob Sletten on Jan 23, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Hi Rob - You can use either our item #'s KG500 or FE133.
I'm thinking of using this for small batches (2-3 gal.). Will the excess headspace in this fermenter be okay for the beer?
Ben Geib on Sep 21, 2019
BEST ANSWER: It’s will be fine for 2-3 gallons, the previous generation(fermentasaurus) was a 9.25 gallons sized fermenter and was commonly used for 5 gallons batches. Granting you have a strong fermentation everything’s should be good.
Good luck!
Can you install a port on the lid that will fit the BrewBuilt CoolStix?
Gabriel Burgos on Apr 18, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The coolstix looks like it would need a 1” bulkhead fitting. Morebeer sells a Temp Twister Cooling Coil complete with bulkhead fittings that would easily fit and made for the Fermzilla. It is relatively inexpensive. You can still install the pressure kit and thermowell for temperature sensing.
How do you use the FermWrap with the Fermzilla and the Insulating Jacket? I thought the Fermzilla couldn't use a heater because it's plastic.
Rob Sletten on Jan 30, 2020
FermZilla Conical Fermenter - 7.1 gal. / 27 L
FermZilla Conical Fermenter - 7.1 gal. / 27 L
The FermWrap™ Heater
The FermWrap™ Heater
Insulating Jacket for 27L FermZilla
Insulating Jacket for 27L FermZilla
BEST ANSWER: I would not use the FermWrap. It is too wide to fit the FermZilla and it is rated at 40 watt. Kegland suggests under 30 watt is safe. I used 4" wide reptile heat wrap for my FermZilla. That is 22 watts and I have had no problems.
could mason jar be used as a container?
Alex Hellbach on Oct 31, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The trub/yeast collection cup at the bottom of the fermenter is much larger in diameter than even a wide mouth mason jar. It has a different thread, and sports two additional ports on opposite sides. (See photo)
I would like to purchase (separately) two of the stainless ballocks like the ones that come with the pressure kit. Are these available and if so what is the cost? Thank you.
Jeffrey L Palmer on Oct 27, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hello Jeffrey, the ball lock fittings are currently not sold separately.
Do you sell collection containers separate? I just broke mine because it's difficult to unscrew from bottom.
NATHAN POHLIT on Oct 18, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Nathan, yes we do it's item number FE120.
Collection Container for FermZilla
Collection Container for FermZilla
Can I use this one for wine fermentation?
Adil Poyraz on Oct 13, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I don't see why not.
What size are the threads on the lid where the quick disconnects thread on?
jeff royster on Sep 23, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Jeff - they are 28 mm PCO 1881 threads, the same thread type found on most plastic soda bottles.
Hello, I have a FermZilla on the way. Thanks! Is there anyway I could get a "Jacket" ? I'd like to temperature control the brew. They are available in AU but they cannot ship. Any idea when they will be available?
David Fontaine on Sep 6, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi David, the Fermzilla Jacket is currently in development in our system. We're planning on getting out first order toward the end of October - early November. We'll release the item on our website when we have more information.
Any plans for replacement parts? I buggered my lid and I am unable to pressurize.
John Morris on Aug 25, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi John, yes we do have plans for replacement parts. They are currently in development with no current eta. Please don't hesitate to check in with our customer service team for updates.
Can I use my Fermentasaurus pressure kit with femzilla?same size lid?
Chris Robertson on Aug 23, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Chris, no as the lid of the Fermzilla is wider than the Fermtentasaurus. The lids on the Fermzilla's come fixed with the body connect threads and are covered by plastic caps. The Fermzilla Pressure Kit includes the body connects to install on the existing Fermzilla lid, the stainless float, and silicone dip tube.
Can I put boiling wort into this? At one point I thought I heard you can do this? Trying to save time on chilling.
Scott Childs on Aug 9, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Scott - the FermZilla's tank is made from PET and temperature rated to 122°F. However, a PEN replacement tank, which will withstand temperatures up to 212­°F, is in development and will be available soon.
What Temp Control options are available for this? And when will they be available?
Oscar Garcia on Jul 5, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Hi Oscar - We do not carry temp control products specifically designed for the Fermzilla, however, we do carry the Fermentasaurus Jacket and FermWrap fermentation heater.
Does anyone know if there will be a thermowell option and CIP (clean in place) option as well?
Jack Carlos Slovenski on May 30, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Actually, KegLand recently released a video on how to install a thermowell in the Fermzilla. I can post the link here, but just Google "Fermzilla thermowell" videos, or search on YouTube
Are ball lock fittings included with the top?
Brian on Jul 11, 2019
Will there be a jacket for this like the original fermentasaurus? Or will that jacket work with this?
Andrew Wayland on Feb 2, 2019

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Excellent!! All rounder and flat bottom are other options to suit your needs.
Pressure fermentation, zero oxygen transfer, yeast collection and drop hopping with this model. I added the cooling coil and have but one regret that I do not have space to run two at the same time.
November 29, 2020
1 year ago
Great at First. Design Flaw Prevents Long Term Use.
Purchased this a year ago. I was initially very happy with the versatility of this. A couple of months ago I noticed an off flavor that I couldn't find the source of. I now suspect that the source is trub trapped in the seam between the clear shell and the lower black portion. Can't figure out how to clean it. Can't trust it for any brews.
September 30, 2020
Everything i expected. Can't beat the price for a pressure capable fermenter- oxygen mitigation, pressure transfers, oxygen free dry hopping
September 28, 2020
2 months ago
This makes making beer easier. I love it.
September 28, 2020
2 months ago
The fermzilla is great! Easy to set up and clean. Pressure transfers are very easy as well. Great bang for your buck!
September 22, 2020
2 months ago
So far these have been awesome! Pressure Ferment, collect yeast, dry hop, carbonate, and even serve straight from the fermenter!
My new Fermzillas!  Love them
My new Fermzillas! Love them
September 5, 2020
3 months ago
Glass carboys are a thing of the pass
Worth the money and a lot easier to clean than glass carboys.
August 19, 2020
4 months ago
Buy It!
I love the fermzilla! I noticed after brewing that it took the quality of my 5 gallon batch up a notch. Pro tip is to read all of the instructions. The tiny details actually do matter and if you are really good at following instructions, this product will work for you very well. I can ferment under pressure and I won’t go back.
August 17, 2020
4 months ago
I’m wishing I would’ve started here.
My first batch in the fermzilla is still working. I upgraded from a fermonster. I’m quickly realizing what a superior product this is. Incredible potential.
The way it’s meant to be.
The way it’s meant to be.
August 15, 2020
4 months ago
My new go-to
Very impressed with the quality and the value for the price. Love the flexibility also.
July 23, 2020
5 months ago