BrewBuilt™ IceMaster Max 4 Glycol Chiller

BrewBuilt™ IceMaster Max 4 Glycol Chiller

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The IceMaster Max 4 is designed to cool fermentations in small vessels. It features 4 built-in submersible pumps with independent digital temperature controllers and can be used with any vessel that has a glycol jacket or submersed cooling coil/rod. Each controller includes a temperature probe that should be inserted into a thermowell in your vessel or can be taped to the outside of the vessel if you don't have a thermowell. The digital controller then measures the temperature of your tank and turns the submersible pump on or off to cool to your desired set temperature. Up to four tanks can be controlled separately with one IceMaster Max 4. 

The IceMaster can be used with any fermenter that has a built-in cooling jacket, added CoolStix, or a submersed cooling coil. It works well as the cooling source for the following sytems and fermenters.

  • CoolStix - CoolStix can be added to a wide range of carboys, fermenters, and tanks and the IceMaster works really well in combination. Each CoolStix is available with or without a pump kit; for use with the IceMaster Max 4 you will only need the CoolStix and some tubing to connect it to the chiller.  
  • Ss Brewtech Fermenters and Brites - Ss BME Chronicals, BME Brites, and Unitanks come with cooling coils and neoprene as standard. The optional chilling FTSs will not be needed for use with the Max 4. The cooling coil for standard Ss Chronicals and BrewBuckets are not sold a la carte and must be purchased with a submersible pump, which is not needed for the Max 4. For standard Chronicals and BrewBuckets you might consider the IceMaster 100 for cost savings.
  • Spike Conical with Optional Cooling Coil - the cooling coil for Spike CF series conicals is available for purchase independently from the TC-100 cooling system. For use with the Max 4 you will only need the the coil and some tubing to connect it to the chiller.
  • Speidel Tanks with Optional Cooling Jackets - You will need two lengths of tubing to connect the chiller to each tank.   
  • Grainfather Fermenters - Grainfather fermenters have standard cooling jackets. You will need two lengths of tubing for each fermenter.
  • Blichmann Fermenators with Optional Cooling Coil - You will need two lengths of tubing for each Fermenator.

It is always difficult to determine exactly how many tanks can be chilled at one time as it depends on what is happening in each tank, if the tank is insulated, and what the ambient temperature is. Cold crashing always requires the most energy and requires tank insulation. We have experimented with capacities and can provide this general guide based on a 75°F ambient and neoprene insulation. Neoprene provides a modest amount of insulation so you would obtain better results using Armaflex or a higher R rated insulation. 

Cold Crashing Capacity
Calculated at 75°F ambient temperature with neoprene insulation. 

  • 2 - 1 BBL (31 Gallon) Tank
  • 3 to 4 - 1/2 BBL (15-20 Gallon) Tanks
  • 4 - 10-14 Gallon Tanks 
  • 4 - 5-7 Gallon Tanks

Set Up
In order to hook up the IceMaster to your fermenter or tank's cooling system, you will need 2 lengths of tubing per vessel. All tubing connections should be secured with hose clamps.

  • Length 1: Barb of 1st bulkhead (IN) to cooling system outlet
  • Length 2: Barb of 2nd bulkhead (OUT) to cooling system inlet


  • 4 built-in submersible pumps with independent digital controllers
  • Pump controllers reads in °F or °C
  • Temperature controller reads in °C
  • Labeled IN and OUT stainless bulkheads with 3/8" OD barbs
  • Tank Capacity: 30L/8 Gal. Water Capacity
  • Compressor: 3/8 HP
  • Cooling Capacity: 950 Watt/3200btu/.26 tons
  • Refrigerant: r134a
  • Voltage: 110V (3.6 amps)
  • Dimensions: 16.1" x 16.1" x 26"
  • Wheels included



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Straight Chillin'
craig on Jun 11, 2020
Value and simplicity; pumps and temp probes includes with a good capacity reservoir and power.
Tyrell E on Apr 11, 2020
Straight Chillin'
craig on Jun 11, 2020
Curtis M on May 7, 2020
Value and simplicity; pumps and temp probes includes with a good capacity reservoir and power.
Tyrell E on Apr 11, 2020
It has a great price point and comes with pumps and probes.
James P. Coleman, II on Apr 4, 2020
raymond v on Feb 28, 2020
The previous model of Ice master works really well, it's better with built in temperature controllers
Heinz Georg Hiller C on Feb 12, 2020
Curtis M on May 7, 2020
It has a great price point and comes with pumps and probes.
James P. Coleman, II on Apr 4, 2020
What additional items are needed to control
the temperature on the Grainfather conical?
Steve Gawlinski on Mar 23, 2020
BEST ANSWER: You will need to get a stopper with a thermowell and a airlock hole.
It says in manual that all four temp probes have to be connected or you get error.what if I will use it only for two fermenters?
Jonas Kristensson on Jun 23, 2020
BEST ANSWER: You will have to plug in all the temp probes. Turn off the ones u don’t need. I only use 2 at a time. At least you got a manual with yours!!!
Does the controllers have an option to add a heater to them as well so the same controller can heat and cool?
Jonas Kristensson on Jun 26, 2020

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Instructions could use some updating. Had a difficult time setting temps but once you figure it out not bad. Overall a good product
July 1, 2020
3 weeks ago
Lack of instructions, but solid product
So I wanted to move away from the space of the garage fridge in my home in Arizona, so I decided on this unit for the price because it came with the pumps and probes.

I modified my two SS Brewbuckets by adding the temp twister cooling coil and using full-size keg insulating jackets to cover them. Coils are connected with quick connects with flow stoppers. I plan to do a 3rd fermenter set up.

The 4th line i use to chill water for wort chiller. Same quick connect lines into an old 3/8 in SS wort chiller into a 6-gallon insulated bucket. At the beginning of brew day, I set that up and make it as cold as I can. When it is time to chill, the water can be the mid 30s and use another pump to re-circulate the water to chill beer. The system has had the capacity to manage the heat exchange so I can minimize water waste and stay in the garage while brewing.

Is this thing an investment, yes. I think in the long run, it will be worth it in the increased capacity to have 3 fermenters going to decrease the water waste from chilling beer as the footprint is small.
Set up going to brewtech buckets covered by the Keg insulator jackets to help control temp.
Chiller in the insulated cooler to pre-chill water for wort.
June 19, 2020
Happy but instructions lacking a critical detail
Seems to be cooling well and good value.

Caution however. The instructions are very abbreviated and Step 2 is to locate and fill the glycol/water reservoir. It would have been helpful to remind you to put the cap on the glycol drain tube at the back of the unit, and how to attach.

After cleaning up a gallon of glycol from my garage floor, I ordered two more gallons and now think I am ok although I am only hoping I put the plug on properly. No instructions for that.
May 28, 2020
1 month ago
It does do what it says.
Very limited instructions. Impossible to find more info on internet even through manufacturer’s website. It does make glycol/water mix cold and it does circulate, so I guess it works... for same cost could have bought Blichman and I kinda got buyer’s remorse.
April 25, 2020
2 months ago
Response from MoreFlavor
We apologize for the bad experience you've had with the glycol chiller. This is a new product and we appreciate your honest feedback so we can help you and all our other customers to get what you need. We are dedicated to providing the best support and products that we can. We are happy to work with you to find a solution to the issue, be it a replacement, refund, or exchange. If you haven't been in contact with our CS team yet please give us a call at 1-800-600-0033 or email in to info@moreflavor.com. We are always here to help. Cheers!
May 29, 2020
Malcolm MB
Works Great!
I picked this unit because of the internal temperature controls and integrated pumps. (saves you $240-400 over other similar units) MoreBeers support was great I had a few questions about the unit and even during the Coronavirus lock down when all their people where working from home, they went out of their way to answer my question and finding the answers to my questions.

The unit is well built and looks great!

Make sure you download the online instructions as the ones in the box aren't that great.
April 4, 2020
3 months ago