Noble hops are traditional hop varieties used in the past and today, to make traditional beers. Noble hops include varieties such as Hallertau, SaazSpalt, and Tettnang. They have a smoother bitterness profile, and complex aromatics that are herbal and spicy. Try Hallertau, Saaz, Spalt, or Tettnang for that old-world taste that only noble hops can give a beer. Don't have any of these varieties on hand, try Liberty, Mt. Hood, Magnum, Merkur, Tradition, Sterling, Hersbrucker, Select as great alternatives.

These might not be the new Juicy varieties in trendy beers like New England IPA, but you can still throw noble hops in for dry hopping. Noble hops, biotransformation, what? Its your beer, brew what you want, you may even start a new craze.