Brewing Sugars and Candi Syrup

Using sugar in beer is a common practice, even if those sugars don't come from malt or malt extract!  Brewing sugars and candi syrups for home brewing are available here at MoreBeer! We offer both types of brewing sugars: technical sugars and flavoring sugars. Technical sugars include corn sugar, lactose and maltodextrin. Corn sugar is employed for carbonation and can be metabolized by yeast, but the other two technical sugars cannot be, so their purpose is to add mouth feel and body. The flavoring sugars are not there for their gravities, but for their ability to enhance the taste of the beer, with authentic Belgian-tasting beers incorporating Belgian syrups and candi sugars. Candi syrup with flavors such as maple and smoked bacon, chipotle pepper, blood orange, cacao nibs, tart cherry and more are available, giving brewers a diverse array of options to create a unique flavor.

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