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It's Magical: The New Unicorn Fart Pale Ale!
You Will Be Seeing Rainbows Once You Catch A Whiff
Of This Magical New Kit!
Our R&D team has been hard at work trying to catch the perfect Unicorn to harvest it's magical fart dust. It was a tough job that had them showing up to our weekly meetings covered in glitter at times. Their hard work seems to have paid off, and they are very close to catching the perfect Unicorn, so we're proud to announce our newest kit: Unicorn Fart Pale Ale!

With the perfect mythical creature in our sites and our harvesting method perfected, if you are interested in this magical new kit we recommend you sign up to be notified when it will be available to order!

*No Unicorns were harmed, mistreated, or given home brew during the making of these kits.